Southeast Comprehensive Center Advisory Board

The Southeast Comprehensive Center Advisory Board is composed of 14 members, representing each of the states we serve. Membership includes the chief state school officer or designee, SEA personnel, policymakers, university personnel, local educational agency (LEA) staff, intermediate agency staff, teachers, community leaders, and parents. Board members meet annually with SECC staff to review annual performance and evaluation reports, the current work plan, as well as to exchange input about high-priority issues for the states served by SECC.

Board Members

  • Alabama

    Tony Thacker, Coordinator, Research and Development, Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE)

    Mark Kirkemier, Interim Deputy State Superintendent, Division of Teaching and Learning, ALSDE

  • Georgia

    Matt Jones, Chief of Staff, Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE)

    Martha Ann Todd, Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Student Achievement

    Debbie Gay, Deputy Superintendent for Federal Programs and Special Education, GaDOE

  • Mississippi

    Kim Benton, Chief Academic Officer, Mississippi Department of Education (MDE)

    Susan Lee, Associate Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs, Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning

    John Kelly, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Gulfport

  • North Carolina

    Tiffany Perkins, Director, K12 Standards, Curriculum and Instruction, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI)

    Martez Hill, Executive Director, North Carolina State Board of Education 

    Darrin Hartness, Superintendent, Davie County Schools

  • South Carolina

    Sheila Quinn, Deputy Superintendent, Innovation and Effectiveness, South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE)

    Elizabeth Carpentier, Chief Operating Officer, SCDE

    Darrell Johnson, Superintendent, Greenwood School District 50