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Indian Education

Promising Education Interventions to Improve the Achievement of Native American Students: An Annotated Bibliography

This publication by RMC Research Corporation for the West Comprehensive Center at WestEd is an annotated bibliography that identifies promising programs, policies, practices, and processes—and supporting research—that may benefit educators in their efforts to close the achievement gap of Native American students. It includes 33 articles on various topics including literacy; mathematics; science; school improvement; behavioral and social-emotional interventions; as well as parent, family, and community involvement.

Striving to Achieve: Helping Native American Students Succeed

This publication from the National Caucus of Native American State Legislators describes the Native student and the state of education for these students in the United States. It also provides policy recommendations and a list of resources.

The State of Education for Native Students

This publication from the Education Trust discusses achievement results for Native students, achievement gaps, and actions that some states, schools, and institutions of higher education are taking to ensure progress for Native students.