Current Research/Resources: Initiatives from Preschool to Third Grade: A Policymaker’s Guide (June 2018)

This 2018 guide from the Education Commission of the States (ECS) provides state education policymakers with a list of their 12 most commonly requested topics related to K–3 education. Under each topic, policymakers will find a variety of resources, including a rationale for why the topic matters, a review of statewide initiatives, state examples, questions to promote conversation surrounding K–3 education, and links to additional documents.

ECS’ most commonly requested topics related to K–3 education are as follows:

  • preschool;
  • transitions;
  • kindergarten through third grade;
  • full-day kindergarten;
  • third-grade reading and math;
  • high-quality programs;
  • aligned standards, curricula, and assessments;
  • funding;
  • governance;
  • workforce;
  • dual-language learners; and
  • special education (p. 3).

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