ESSA Updates: ESSA and School Improvement Promise to Practice: An Independent Peer Review of the Progress to Date on Identifying and Supporting our Nation’s Lowest Performing Schools (March 2019)

In this report, HCM Strategists (HCMS) and the Collaborative for Student Success (CSS) profile state efforts in identifying and supporting low-performing schools. The authors interviewed SEA staff from 17 states about how they assisted schools in need of comprehensive and targeted support. HCMS, CSS, former state chiefs, and school improvement experts developed a rubric to evaluate the degree of state efficacy in providing necessary supports for school improvement across eight policy levers.

  • Communicate a coherent and compelling vision in improving school and student outcomes.
  • Pursue strategic use of funding and resources.
  • Create strong school improvement processes and plans.
  • Monitor and evaluate continuous improvement across the school system.
  • Utilize evidence-based interventions.
  • Build capacity and autonomy among local school districts.
  • Engage stakeholders in school improvement efforts.
  • Sustain successful school improvement outcomes.

The document incorporates findings and recommendations for each policy lever and concludes with three leadership models/approaches for turning around low-performing schools. 

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