ESSA Updates: How ESSA and IDEA Can Support College and Career Readiness for Students with Disabilities: Considerations for States (June 2018)

This brief from the College & Career Readiness & Success Center at American Institutes for Research examines how policies outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) contribute to “meaningful pathways to postsecondary opportunities” (p. 2) for students with disabilities.

Tomasello and Brand (2018) encourage state education policymakers to develop an integrated approach to support college and career readiness (CCR) among students with disabilities. The report

  • Examines data on secondary and postsecondary education participation and employment outcomes of students with disabilities;
  • Considers how CCR strategies can support students with disabilities on a path to postsecondary education and career opportunities;
  • Provides analyses of the provisions under ESSA and IDEA that support CCR for students with disabilities;
  • Features examples of effective practices, and
  • Includes guidance for state leaders. (p. 2)

This document also includes an appendix identifying ESSA Titles that align with IDEA.
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