Resource Spotlight: Kindergarten Assessment (December 2018)

Some form of kindergarten entry assessment (KEA) is required in 33 states and is being considered in several others. To help state and district leaders understand the utility and limitations of kindergarten entry or readiness assessments, Child Trends developed a list of seven Frequently Asked Questions about Kindergarten Entry Assessments. These key questions address the topics of KEA data use, assessment validity and reliability, and how and why KEA implementation differs from other assessments given in the elementary school years.

The Website on State Education Reforms, made available by the National Center for Education Statistics, provides state leaders with current data about state-level education reform efforts in five key areas: Accountability, Assessment and Standards, Staff Qualifications and Development, State Support for School Choice and Other Options, and Student Readiness and Progress Through School. Examples of data tables related to early childhood include Table 5.3, outlining kindergarten entrance and attendance requirements, and Table 3.15, summarizing preK standards and teacher qualifications by state. 

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