Resource Spotlight (September 2018)

Indispensables for Quality Pre-K published by the Alliance for Early Success, is a collection of web-based, annotated resources for advancing high-quality pre-K teaching and learning. Led by the nonpartisan think tank New America, the goal of this project is to give policymakers and other leaders a short list of easy-to-remember, evidence-based policies and practices they can use to promote and support quality pre-K educational experiences.

The site describes several research-based practices and policies, which are listed below:

  • Practice 1: Engage in positive interactions with children and their families.
  • Practice 2: Use learning trajectories in subjects and domains.
  • Practice 3: Promote children’s social development and self-regulation.
  • Policy 1: Allocate increased, predictable, and sustainable funding.
  • Policy 2: Provide educators with professional learning.
  • Policy 3: Promote continuous quality improvement and better continuity.

For more information about the three practices and three polices that are indispensable for high-quality teaching and learning in pre-K, take a look at this two-page brief.

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