ESSA Updates: Reimaging Title II-A: A Resource for Creating and Improving State Plans and Working with LEAs (April 2018)

Attracting, preparing, developing, and retaining high-quality teachers and leaders for all groups of students is the focus of Title II Part A (Title II-A) funding provided at state and local levels. While the Every Students Succeed Act (ESSA) provides states and local education agencies (LEAs) the opportunity to convene multiple stakeholders to “reimagine their vision” for education and improvement strategies, there are key requirements of the new law. This toolkit from the Council of Chief State Schools Officers outlines seven steps for developing and evaluating Title II-A plans before submission.

These steps for preplanning and drafting the plan include the following:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the nuts and bolts of Title II-A.
  2. Conduct a self-assessment of current policies and spending.
  3. Develop or refine your state’s vision and goals for education.
  4. Engage stakeholders.
  5. Determine the strategies to achieve your state’s goals.
  6. Determine how LEA applications and guidance complement the state’s strategy.
  7. Develop a strategy to monitor implementation, and continue engaging stakeholders (p. 3).

Each step includes a discussion about ESSA requirements, guiding questions, and hyperlinks to additional resources to assist state education agencies (SEAs) in developing systems of support for teachers and school leaders. Steps 1 and 2 describe what should take place in planning stages. Steps 3 through 7 include a self-assessment tool designed to evaluate and monitor progress toward completing their Title II-A plans prior to submission. The appendices contain additional information on Title II-A and a list of allowable activities for SEAs and LEAs.

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