Standards and Assessment

English Learners

The SECC will continue to provide TA in expanding state support to school districts in the area of ELs. SECC will assist Mississippi EL personnel and other key MDE staff in building the state’s internal capacity to (a) Implement Title I and Title III EL requirements; and (b) facilitate the state’s provision of evidenced-based support to schools and districts serving EL students. The SECC will provide TA to broker relationships with other SEAs for the development of training, instructional support, and the above referenced capacity building.

Strengthen SEAs’ Support of Districts and Schools

The SECC will serve as a collaborating partner to identify and facilitate work with other individuals or organizations to address specific needs or issue-specific concerns. Opportunities to connect with other states with similar interests will be supported as well as opportunities to engage in collaborative meetings that bring leaders together to learn with and from each other. SECC will continue to support use of the Indistar data management system by schools and districts in the state.

Regional Collaborative Initiatives

The SECC will provide opportunities, via collaboration with other content and regional comprehensive centers, for its state education agencies (SEAs) to participate in Talent for Turnaround (T4T) follow-up activities, including the Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy (T4TLA). In Year 1, the T4TLA will engage SEA leadership in learning about and applying research and best practices in preparing, hiring, developing, and supporting educators in the work of school turnaround.

Support for Implementing College- and Career-Ready Standards and Assessments

The SECC will work with state education agencies (SEAs) to strengthen their plans for implementing college- and career-ready standards (CCRS) and assessments by (a) identifying and providing high-quality resources that are supported by research-based and emerging promising practices; (b) collecting feedback from districts, schools, and teachers to determine the quality, usefulness, and relevance of the resources and supports they are providing; (c) adjusting and refining their implementation plans and resources to address identified needs or concerns; and (d) developing and implementing an

College and Career Pathways

The SECC will continue to assist GaDOE by providing technical expertise and support to the C&I and CTAE divisions in the collection of stakeholder responses to new courses offered in the career pathways. SECC will partner with the CCRS Center to examine employability skills and their inclusion in classroom instruction for all students. Also, SECC continues to provide TA for revisions to the CTAE strategic management and evaluation plan.