Past Work by State (Year 6)

Past Year 6 Work by State (2018)

Southeast Region Map
Full List Current Work (Year 6)

The Southeast Comprehensive Center at American Institutes for Research (AIR) provides technical assistance (TA) and professional development (PD) to state education agencies (SEAs) in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina focused on

  • Establishing and administering programs related to federal requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  • Implementing, scaling up, and sustaining initiatives statewide
  • Leading and supporting SEAs as they work with school districts and schools in improving student outcomes
  • Utilizing research-based information and strategies in education reform work

In Year 6, SECC will continue working closely with states in its region on state-based and regional projects. Projects will center around implementation of federal priorities and opportunities for states to collaborate, share lessons learned, and address specific issues.


Proposed Technical Assistance
State Liaison
Heidi Goertzen

During Year 6, SECC and the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) will collaborate to provide support for English learners, review evidence-based resources for effective processes for mathematics and science instruction, identify and implement strategies to improve teaching and learning at low-performing schools, and provide professional development to teachers and leaders throughout the state.


[The SECC] helped shape the entire education policy relating to educator effectiveness and have been key to the success of our approach.

ALSDE Staff Member


Proposed Technical Assistance
State Liaison
Glenda Copeland

In Georgia, SECC’s Year 6 work will include assisting the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) with College and Career Pathways and employability skills integration, implementation of the state’s ESSA plan, and developing strategies to strengthen district and school support.


SECC staff were very useful in providing information related to ESSA strategies we were planning, including research and other SEA models.

GaDOE Staff Member


Proposed Technical Assistance
State Liaison
Pamela Bonsu

During Year 6, SECC will support the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) in the areas of educator quality, school improvement, and educator equity in high-need schools and districts.


In a small state with limited resources, as well as limited EL [English learner] expertise within the state, AIR's assistance has been extremely valuable.

MDE Staff Member

North Carolina

Proposed Technical Assistance
State Liaison
Kathy Terry

North Carolina technical assistance will focus on building the agency’s capacity to support and sustain programs and practices to positively impact academic success of diverse students in Year 6. The SECC will support the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) in the areas of diverse learners, instructional improvement systems, and student success and sustainability.


The SECC has been especially beneficial in data collection and analysis, including building capacity in using tools we already have access to. The collaboration has helped us create and polish tools we are using with the EL Support Team.

NCDPI Staff Member

South Carolina

Proposed Technical Assistance
State Liaison
Ursula Hill

The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) is focused on strengthening internal and external TA with emphasis on building staff knowledge and skills to support and sustain targeted programs and practices aimed at positively impacting various student populations. The specific support that will be provided to SCDE will focus on early childhood, educator effectiveness, personalized learning, SCDE internal systems, and support for low-performing schools. 


SECC/AIR support has helped the SCDE flesh out internal quality metrics and an agency implementation framework for the Profile of the SC Graduate.

SCDE Staff Member

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